About RonixTech


RonixTech is one of the pioneering companies in the field of manufacturing, developing innovative smart home turnkey systems empowering both consumers and businesses globally with interactive cost-effective solutions to offer unique and distinguished lifestyle.


Our technology is not only limited to conserving energy usage or safety and comfort but also preserve consumers time, offer relaxation, flexibility and luxurious lifestyle with ease of controlling smart gadgets, sensors, lights and other connected systems in homes, schools, healthcare, government and other industries that are geared towards green and smart environments.





Our products are tailor made for your own comfort and are designed to ensure that they function smoothly in a smart environment. Lights, doors, windows and all gadgets in home or office can be managed intelligently.


We are a one stop manufacturer of hardware and developer of software meant to empower a smart life for you, while emphasizing that each product has been well designed, tested and produced in a reliable format to be able to control your home device through mobile software to make life easy and interactivity like joyful for all family members.


Our goal is to make the connected world simpler and easier by offering 360 view of homes and businesses. Previously, "smart home" technologies were complex and very expensive for consumers. There is no reason for this to continue. That is why we started RonixTech "To live in a simple and smarter way"